A New Era

As I have settled into my new life as a New Yorker and the stress of moving, switching jobs, and proving yourself in a city that never sleeps, I find myself in a different stage in my life, a new era.  While I've dabbled in my own fashion blogs before, I'm ready for a fresh start ironically through "A Vintage Vice". I could attribute this vintage vice to many factors: my original obsession and inspiration to become a stylist from the infamous Rachel Zoe, vintage fanatic, or perhaps my best friend Caroline who owns and knows the best vintage in NY, or even living with my grandmother in Long Island, making no money, and scouring her closets just before winter to find vintage wool coats that she proclaimed were her "meeting coats" only worn on Sundays to church or ladies luncheons.

I've always been intrigued by the evolution of fashion and how trends come full circle. So many current collections have been influenced by historical references, shapes, and cultures. And so many vintage pieces hold that same rich history, perhaps in a different context, but just as the meeting coats mentioned above, there's always something to learn and be inspired by. With that all said, I want to use this blog as an inspiration to my viewers to dive into what's behind the clothes, what's in the back of your grandmother's or even your mother's closet, what's in the Goodwill around the corner. And to learn not only what to be looking for, but how to wear it.

xx e