Your Perfect Maxi Dress


Vintage and Modern Inspiration

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 I fell in love with these vintage and modern photos of maxi dresses that I found on Pinterest. Perhaps my "inner 70s love child" is breaking through, but there's something about these pictures that needed to be shared! While it's great to have a basic black maxi dress, I challenge you use these photos as inspiration to branch out. Look for different shapes, patterns, fabrics that strike your fancy. I am OBSESSED with the blue maxis above and still have it on my list to find one similar. The Chloe collection favors the photo above, but not everyone has that kind of money to burn (and I'm quite a bargain hunter). SOOO, I have provided some links below for you to explore and find your perfect maxi dress. Would love to hear/see your suggestions as well! Happy 70s vibes :)

xx e

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Modern Floral

Modern Pleated

Modern Minimal

Vintage Gypsy

Vintage White Classic

Vintage Slinky

Vintage Floral

Vintage Fiesta