Sporty Spice

A Vintage Vice - Emma Sousa - sporty02

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Target Sweater-shirt (similar) / UO Leather Skirt (similar)/ "Vintage" Shirt (similar) / DKNY Kicks

No shock here, there's a nod to 90s and the ever-wonderful Spice Girls, obsession of my childhood. My two favorites were Baby Spice (because we were both named Emma) and Sporty Spice (because she was BA, or whatever my 6 year-old self substituted for that word). Loving the mix of shapes in this outfit and fun color thrown into the black and white base look. I also got majority of the items on epic sales, including the checkered shirt at a garage sale for $1 #winning! Tried to find some good substitutes for you to click through-- hope you enjoy!


xx e


Photos by Jeff Thibodeau

P.S. I <3 Black Labs (pic #5)