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A Vintage Vice - Emma Sousa - Casual Cool01

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Vintage Jacket (similar) / Vintage Button Down (similar) / J.Crew Tee / Homemade Cutoffs / Converse / Vintage and Handmade Rings

Casual cool-- this outfit highlights exactly what I've been into these days. Working in NYC can be exhausting and all I want to reach for in the morning is the comfiest thing I can find. But even if you work in the corporate world, you can totally rock a look like this on the weekends or at a casual "pint night" during the week. This grey suede is one of my favorite transitional jackets and yet another gem discovered in my mother's closet circa 1980. It works perfectly for this time of year when "it's not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket" alla Miss Congeniality. These shorts may not be as vintage as the jacket, but they are made out the bootcut jeans I wore in middle school... was the tallest girl in my grade those days. The key is finding a pair that isn't too tight in the thigh. Once you find 'em, take the denim to some scissors, the pavement, and voila: vintage-esque cutoffs.

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Photography by Jeff Thibodeau