Perfect Pairings

a vintage vice - emma sousa -06

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Shareen Vintage NYC Reworked Crop Top and Skirt Kat Maconie London Sandals / Jules Smith Choker

While "the Shareen" of Shareen Vintage is based in LA, I still had the pleasure of speaking with her all about her journey through fashion and love for vintage. One thing I loved hearing about was her "reworks". She wanted to find ways to connect vintage to the modern day, so she reworked the vintage items into more modern silhouettes.

The "matching separates" concept has become a huge trend over the past year or so, and I absolutely died for her reworked combo here. I spotted some of these "perfect pairs" on Shareen's instagram just before going into her Manhattan location, so I knew what was at the top of my list. It's a great way to break up any normal dress or a perhaps dated silhouette, and also the perfect transition for crop tops with just that sliver of skin. Shop this look along with other amazing pairs at Shareen!

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Photography by Jeff Thibodeau