The Hunt


I bet you've been wondering where I've been? Apartment hunting in NYC... When I moved into the city a year ago, my roommate was a real estate broker so I didn't have to do anything. People had warned me what it was like to look alone, but little did I know what I was about to get into. Just cancel your entire social calendar or any after-work relaxation. Also if you need to switch up your workout plan, searching for apartments in New York is the way to go. I've walked down every street in the East Village about a million times over and walked at least 50 flights of stairs to boot. After two and half weeks on what I like to call "the hunt", I finally found my perfect, new home right on the cusp of the East Village and Lower East Side. I cannot wait to fully indulge in (most importantly) some epic vintage shopping, delicious restaurants at just about every corner, and the mad night life. Another new chapter for A Vintage Vice.

Coming soon, a look inside the Beyonce and JayZ On The Run tour at MetLife Stadium.

xx e