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Fay Snoopy Top (similar) / Vintage Trouser (similar) / Vintage Chanel Shoes (similar)/ Vintage Bag (similar) / Gorjana ring set

One thing I love about fashion is that it always keeps the imagination alive. I love how lately different designers have been really going out on a limb and pushing the limits. It's been Barbie and Spongebob at Moschino, race cars at Marc by Marc, and groceries at Chanel. I'm a firm believer in being a little goofy, and embracing the different. So naturally when I found this Fay Snoopy top at Buffalo Exchange in Chelsea, I had to have it.

By pairing Snoopy with these vintage cropped trousers I snagged at Goodwill for a whopping $7 and this vintage handbag at a garage sale for $2, I managed to turn a bit of a kooky top into a chic look (and without breaking the bank!) Just another great example of mixing vintage and modern for a polished, but fun, result. Check out the links above to shop the look and the designer pieces!

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Photography by Jose Martinez