Like A Local: London

First stop on my #avveurope trip, London! As I mentioned in my last post, London was one of the first cities to really inspire me to explore personal style. There's something about London. The way people dress. Everyone is chic or cool or both. They wear whatever the hell they want and don't really care what anyone else thinks. It's amazing. All the women have perfect black boots, all the men have perfect slim suit, and drinking is acceptable at virtually any hour. If it weren't for the weather, London would definitely be on my list for a future home city! 

Another theme on my trip across Europe was to "do as the locals do". More just enjoying the city instead of trying to get to every tourist attraction. It was refreshing just to wander, explore, and be in the moment! Below are some of my favorite vintage, shopping, eating and drinking spots in London! Enjoy :)