Accessory Play

Mens American Rag Buttondown / BDG Highrise Cutoffs / Grenson Loafers / Patricia Fields Sunnies / The Shopping Bag Ace of Spades Clutch and Wishbone Necklace

I wouldn't call myself an "accessories girl" (maybe a shoe girl) but once a while I find some perfect pieces that add that special touch to my look. In true tomboy form, I stole this shirt out of my boyfriend's closet and paired it with a slim pair of black cutoffs (that slightly resemble bike shorts but let's not get ahead of ourselves here...that's next's week's post). I took this simple outfit combo and added those "special touches" with this Ace of Spades clutch and wishbone necklace. The simple gold necklace is a perfect everyday jewelry piece and the clutch adds a bit of streetstyle playfulness to the overall look. Check out the links above to get each piece and use AVINTAGEVICE at The Shopping Bag for 25% off your order!





Photography by Becky Siegel