Bermuda Baby

Project Social T Scoop Tank / Calvin Klein Sports BraVintage Bermuda Jean Shorts / Platform Supergas / Arrow Necklace / Gorjana Ring via Rocksbox

I'm thinking it's some sort of combination of loving vintage, watching too many Friends episodes, and living in the lower east side that has me so drawn to 90s minimalism. I find myself constantly having a Monica or Rachel moment if you will ;) So when I found these BERMUDA shorts at my favorite vintage section at Pat Fields I just had to have them! Probably more epic than any of my mom jeans, these jean shorts take the 90s level up about a hundred notches. Bermudas have made a small comeback but I've never quite seen any pair like these. The complete mom fit, right above the knee length, and wash black color. PERFECTION.

Probably a scary feat to the normal shopper, I'm here to show you that bermudas CAN be done in a chic way. #1-- keep it minimal. I wore solely black and white with simple materials and shapes.  #2-- it's all about the shoe. Platform anything or sky high heels take the short to trendier/sexier place. Shop the links above to branch out of your comfort zone with the quintessential bermuda.




Photography by Becky Siegel