Baywatch Situation

Solid & Striped Anne Marie One Piece (Favorite 1, 2, 3, 4)

Hands down, my favorite moment in Barcelona was discovering this "private" beach. Anyone who knows me would I agree that I live for the beach, but I have never experienced one quite like this. La Playa de Montgat was just a few train stops outside of the city center. We crossed under the train tracks which parallel the coastline and the tunnel opened up to pure bliss. Only two girls visible in miles of sand. It was truly a breathtaking moment. 

Beaching aside, it was the perfect opportunity to break out my favorite one piece -- the Anne Marie by Solid + Striped. The perfect shape and scoop back have that nineties Baywatch feel but with a certain sex appeal. Shop the links above to check out some of my other favorite colors and patterns in a perfect one piece and don't forget to add this beach to your list when traveling to Barça.



Photography by Savannah Davis