Mr. Larkin Blazer and Dress / Grenson Loafer / Coach Bag

Creamy. The adjective could describe so many different things: the texture of moisturizer, the taste of ice cream, or simply a variation of the color white. As winter is finally wrapping in NYC, my skin is as I like to call it... creamy. Not pasty, but creamy and vastly contrasted from my dark hair. In order to keep my look from going completely goth, I've been drawn to lighter tones to create my outfits. Layering pale pinks, beiges, and creamy whites, compliment my skin without fully washing me out. Straight-forward silks and knits in minimalistic silhouettes pair seamlessly with these colors to create an effortlessly cool look. Check out the links above to get my favorite combination of a column dress, flowy blazer, and contrasting platform loafer.



Photography by Daniela Spector