"Everyday" Dressing

Rachel Comey Top & Denim / Tory Burch Sandals

Thankfully as time has evolved, comfort has become a more prevalent factor when designers are creating garments for the “everyday woman”. I mean who wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Man, I really want to put on a stiff wool suit for work today”? For me some days it’s “is a garbage bag acceptable?” But all jokes aside, women today are not what they used to be. We’re moving, multitasking, getting shit done, so we need clothes that allow us to do all that AND look good while doing it. I find that summer is primetime for easy clothes and we have a bit more flexibility with it. I love a loose pant that transitions well from outside to in (think 100 degrees to 65) and a thin strap tank, basic or more interesting, like this origami-inspired one that I styled in a few variations. Both simple pieces that can be worked in different ways but without the fuss. I capped off the look with my favorite summer shoe style – the short heel sandal—cute, quirky, and that tiny extra lift. Just what I need it to be, the outfit is easy, breezy, (comfortable), and stylish. 



Photography by Erika Dickstein