Maison Scotch Blouse / DL1961 Jeans / Marc by Marc Kitten Heels 

A great top + tight-ass skinny jeans + pointy black shoes. Whether it's dinner, date, night out, or casual interview, this simple outfit combination has proven to be foolproof for me. A great top: that could be a classic button down, silky blouse, or something in between like I wore here. You should have a few in your closet that you always fall back on. I loved the color on my top, the silky texture, and beading detail at the collar.  Tight-ass skinny jeans: preferably jet black or a little faded like I did here, the higher the waist and skinnier the ankle the better. This bottom option is ultimately flattering for multiple silhouettes. Pointy black shoes: a pump or flat, the point lengthens the leg and keeping the shoe black keeps a seamless line from hip to toe. The three combined give you a look that simple, easy, and overall chic. Shop the links above to get the look!



Photography by Becky Siegel